All students living on campus in the residence hall are required to be on one of the two residential meal plans. Based on your eating habits or class schedules, you may choose from a 19 Meal per week plan or a 14 Meal per week plan. 

Any students living off-campus may also purchase a residential meal plan, or they may choose from a variety of Meal Plans available for the students living off-campus. The Dining Points can be used at any dining location on campus. The blocks of meal swipes can be used at any meal period in the Dining Commons.

We make this part easy for you. We developed a simple online survey that determines the meal plan that best fits your unique lifestyle. Click HERE to take the short survey.

Meal plans are effective beginning on Move-In Day (Fall) or the day before classes start (Spring) until the last day of Final Exams in each semester.  Meals are not provided in the Dining Commons in the Residence Halls during Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break and Spring Break. 

The Dining Commons is open Monday-Friday for Breakfast, Continental Breakfast and Light Snacks, Lunch and Dinner. On the weekends it is open for Brunch and Dinner. Today's Hours.

Meal swipes and dining points are placed on your Student ID card. The cashier in any of the dining locations will accept your card for swipe or payment. Your Student ID card is required to enter the Dining Commons. 

Dining points are money included with the purchase of your meal plan to be used at any retail dining location (The Food Court, Beacon Café, Healey Café, ISC Café, Dunkin’ Donuts, and UMarket). The money is purchased as part of your meal plan and is a declining balance. 

To check your Dining Points balance, goto Beacon Card website and login using your UMass Boston student login information. Click Account Activity under "Account Management" tab on the top left to view your current Dining Points Balance.

Beacon Bucks are monies you add directly to your student ID. Beacon Bucks is the university-wide cashless payment system to be used at any dining location, the book store, and other locations. Beacon Bucks do not expire.

No, but you can add Beacon Bucks to your account at any point in time. 

Yes. Your Dining points carry over from fall to spring semester, provided that you remain on a meal plan. At the close of the Dining Commons for the academic year any Dining points not used will be forfeited.

Food is not permitted to leave the Dining Commons. Our all-you-care-to-eat, dine-in facility encourages patrons to enjoy their meals within the Dining Hall. One piece of hand fruit, an ice cream cone, or a cookie is permitted upon exit per person. 

Each meal plan includes 5 swipes per semester that can be used to swipe in a friend or family member when they visit you on campus. When using your guest meal you must accompany your guest into the Dining Commons. 

Yes. You may choose to pay the door rate for a guest or yourself using cash, credit/debit card, Apple Pay, Dining Points or Beacon Bucks.

Meal plans are not transferable but you may use a friend's Guest Meal swipe to eat in the Dining Commons. A friend may also use their Dining Points or Beacon Bucks to pay for your meal. 

Meal plan changes are processed through the campus card office. Login here to update your meal plan. You can also use this portal to check the balance of your current dining points and remaining meal swipes for the week. This portal is also where you can add Beacon Bucks.

Yes. We accommodate all students who choose to attend UMass Boston. We are prepared to work with students who have any of the eight major food allergies, as well as students that require any other dietary needs because of a documented medical condition. The Simple Servings and My Zone stations in the Dining Commons are available daily as allergen-friendly dining spaces. The Dining Commons also serves a broad range of dishes at every meal in order to accommodate vegans, vegetarians and any other students who are pursuing a personal diet regime. We encourage you to contact a member of the dining team to connect over your specific dietary needs. You can also learn more here.

For meal plan administrative questions, please e-mail

For general dining questions, please feel free toe-mailAndy Allen or call us at (617) 287-5082.

Sodexo Campus Services. Sodexo is the leading provider of Food and Facilities management in North America, and has continuously operated UMass Boston Dining Services since 1996. To learn more about Sodexo Campus Services please visit here.

To ensure the health and safety of our faculty, students, staff, and surrounding community, UMass Boston will continue to operate in hybrid fashion, with some courses lodged on campus and others—the majority—continuing in remote modality during the fall 2020 semester. Many answers about the campus's response to the coronavirus can be found in our special section. For more information, please visit this page.