Plan Options

If would like to purchase a meal plan or make a change to the plan you have already selected more information can be found here. Meal Plans listed below are from the 2019-2020 academic year. Please check back later for meal plans and pricing for 2020-21.

On-campus residents are required to purchase a meal plan from our Resident Meal Plan options. Each includes meal swipes to the Dining Commons, Guest Meals, and Dining Points to be used at retail locations across campus. Meal plans expire at the end of each semester; however your Dining Dollars roll over from the Fall to the Spring semester.

Resident Meal Plan A
19 meals per week, $175 Dining Points and 5 guest meals

Resident Meal Plan B
14 meals per week, $700 Dining Points and 5 guest meals

For those students living off-campus, if participating in one of our traditional meal plans doesn't fit your need we have a variety of plans designed specially for you. Block plans provide you a block of meal swipes to be used to gain access to the new Dining Commons. Dining Points Plans can be used at any of our dining locations on campus. Combo Plan is the combination of two plans and would allow you to access the Dining Commons and can be used towards any purchase at any dining location on campus.

Neighborhood A
25 meals 

Neighborhood B
50 meals

Harbor Plan 
75 Dining Points plus ONE FREE Bonus Swipe in the Dining Commons

Beacon Plan 
125 Dining Points plus TWO FREE Bonus Swipes in the Dining Commons

Commonwealth Plan 
300 Dining Points plus FIVE  FREE Bonus Swipes in the Dining Commons (Best Value!)

Combo A  
25 meals plus 100 Dining Points  

Combo B  
50 meals plus 100 Dining Points